True Human Design

Version: 2.0
Size: 1.21 MiB
OS: win95/98 (works partly on 2k/xp/vista/7)
Release date: 2001-03-24
License: freeware, get free serial

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The work on Winfluence has been discontinued since 2001, and we have decided to to release Winfluence as a freeware program. A free registration key can be obtained here.

Winfluence contains 5 tools: BgChanger, Renamer, EasyReg, Sysinfo and Filelister. Winfluence was designed for Windows 95/98. If you use it in later Windows versions only Filelister and Renamer will work appropriately.

BgChanger (Background Changer)
BgChanger allows you to use a schedule with thumbnails of your favourite background pictures with unique settings for each picture (desktop color, alignment and when you want it to be shown). Then BgChanger changes the background picture every time you start Windows, in your order or random.
  A great feature with BgChanger is that you don't have to use BMP pictures. GIF and JPG works fine too. (you don't even have to have "Active Desktop" activated) This can save a lot of disk space.

Renamer is a multirenaming tool that allows you to rename as many files as you want at the same time.
  There are five different methods, normal, add, lowercase, uppercase and replace. You can for example change lower/uppercase on the entire filename/the first character/all but the first, add a text, remove a text, replace a text. You can also select to rename filename, extension or both filename and extension.
  Examples: change htm to html, change FiLEnamE.TXT to filename.txt, remove _, replace %20 with space.

EasyReg (Easy Registry)
Tweak Windows to the way you want it to be. EasyReg allows you to change some useful stuff in your Windows registry. Here is a list of what EasyReg can do, download the program or read the helpfile to learn more about each option:
 - Edit the Start menu
 - Change Icon/Name on Recycle Bin, Printers, Control Panel etc
 - Add view/edit to all filetypes (in the context menu)
 - Add "Dos Prompt" to folder context menus
 - Show icons using all possible colors
 - Show right aligned drop down menus
 - Disable the always use checkbox in the open with dialog
 - Clear Run/Document/Find Files/Find Computer

Sysinfo (System Information)
If you rightclick on "My computer" on the desktop and select "Properties", you will get a window with information about which version of Windows your are using, the OEM code, the name of the owner to the computer, sometimes also a picture and some other stuff. Sysinfo allows you to change all this.

A very handy file-listing program. Just rightclick on any folder and select "List files".
Filelister got a bunch of settings to make the list in the way you want it:
 - List folder on/off
 - List extensions on/off
 - List files in subdirectories on/off
 - Show full path on/off
 - Detailed list on/off
 - Numbered list on/off
 - Create txt or html list
 - Open the list in Notepad, webbrowser or any other program
 - Save the list to temp folder, desktop, list folder location or custom path

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