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Version: 3.6
Size: 298 KB
OS: win9x/me/2k/xp/vista/7
Release date: 2012-11-30
License: freeware
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Please uninstall any previous version of filelister before installing Filelister 3.5.

Filelister has its goal to be a fast, efficient and reliable filelisting utility. The main function of the program is to create a text or html file from the contents of a disc or folder and display it according to the users' preferences.

Here is an example of useful areas in which Filelister can be used:
+ Create a list of your music and share with your friends
+ List the contents of a CD to create an inlay for your CD-case
+ Create an index of your photo album
+ Backup the structure of a folder
+ HTML output support, publish your lists on the internet

The use of Filelister is totally up to the user and this was just an example of things that Filelister can be used for.

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Version history
[Filelister 3.50]
+ Huge update, unicode support, filenames with international characters are now
optionally printed with the UTF8 character set instead of the current locale
+ Per list setting based choice of context menu
+ Added option to choose size representation (Dynamic, Bytes, KB, MB, GB and TB)
+ Enlarged and enabled resizing of the browse dialog
+ Bugfix: Context menu should now work on all versions of windows
+ Bugfix: Last column always had an extra tab character at the end of the line

[Filelister 3.00]
+ Multiple profiles support
+ Context menu now supports multiple profiles
+ Create statistics from found folders and files
+ Possibility to select indent depth
+ Column based listing with more categories and possibility to reorder and deselect
+ Priority based sorting with more categories to choose from
+ Includes application defined profiles

[Filelister 2.20]
+ Bugfix: Indentation was performed even when no folders was listed
+ Added new sorting criteria for folders, creation time
+ Added new sorting criterias for files, creation time, modification time and access time
Note: The timestamps have different resolutions depending on the filesystem
+ Option added to show timestamp information when sorting by time

[Filelister 2.11]
+ New default values for a clean install
+ Bugfix: Filter is now case insensitive

Download older versions
Filelister 3.0
Filelister 2.20
Filelister 2.11

PAD file
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