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Old News

Diffinity 0.8.8 released [2019-02-12]
Fixes a bug introduced in last version together with some minor fixes, read more here.

Diffinity 0.8.7 released [2018-12-15]
Thumb view look updated, encoding auto detection improvements and a bunch of other fixes, read more here.

Fixed broken download links [2018-11-28]
Fixed broken download links and forum issues caused by server upgrade to PHP 7.2.

Diffinity 0.8.6 released [2018-08-30]
Better syntax highlighting and lots of small improvements, read more here.

NFOPad 1.74 released [2018-06-16]
Improved unicode detection, paste text with non-windows line endings fixed, viewing non-text improved, fixed Replace all not working if clipboard was locked, minor fixes and improvements, read more here.

Increased font and table sizes of homepage [2018-01-30]
Increased the size of fonts and tables slightly for better readability.

Diffinity 0.8.5 released [2018-01-06]
Several new settings added and a lot of tweaks and fixes, read more here.

Diffinity 0.8.4 released [2017-10-05]
Whitespace characters can be shown in the text and a bunch of fixes, read more here.

NFOPad 1.73 released [2017-09-09]
Sort selected lines, better preservation of scrolled position, tweaks and bugfixes, read more here.

Diffinity 0.8.3 released [2017-03-13]
New version released, read more here.

NFOPad 1.72 released [2016-11-16]
Tabify selection, Hebrew localization, url detection improvements and more, read more here.

Diffinity released! [2016-11-06]
We've released a new application, a diffing tool with focus on accurate and easy to read source code diffs. Read more here.

NFOPad 1.71 released [2016-02-20]
Better load times, Slovak localization and more, read more here.

NFOPad 1.7 released [2015-07-30]
Search while typing added, new icons added, file association fixes. Read more here.

NFOPad 1.69 released [2014-04-06]
Fixed CTRL + backspace to remove a whole word and added French localization. Read more here.

NFOPad 1.68 released [2014-01-26]
Italian localization added. Read more here.

NFOPad 1.67 released [2013-10-27]
Brazilian Portuguese added together with some new features and fixes. Read more here.

NFOPad 1.66 released [2013-01-20]
Ukrainian localization added and INI file location can be set, and a bunch of improvements and fixes. Read more here.

Filelister 3.6 relesed [2012-11-30]
Updated release with the advanced style context menu working on Windows 7 and earlier. Changelog here.

NFOPad 1.65 released [2012-09-30]
Selecting text by holding down CTRL to select whole words at a time has been greatly improved. A whole bunch of bugs was fixed as well. Changelog here.

Winfluence Free serial page updated [2012-08-15]
We have improved and simplified the page for getting free Winfluence serials and have implemented the keygen in php, read more here.

New domain: [2012-06-17]
We have now moved our website to a new server and registered the domain

NFOPad 1.64 released [2012-04-14]
Hungarian localization and direct scrolling added, menu bar can be hidden and a bunch of bugfixes. Read more here.

NFOPad 1.63 released [2011-11-20]
Korean localization added. Read more here.

NFOPad 1.62 released [2011-10-23]
Russian added and a bunch of nice fixes. Read more here.

NFOPad 1.61 released [2011-10-02]
Chinese, alpha blending and dirty asterisk! Read more here.

Filelister 3.5 released [2011-05-11]
Added unicode support which is a huge update. Files and folders containing international characters can now be listed and saved accordingly. Read about the other changes here.

NFOPad 1.6 released [2010-10-05]
Polish localization added. Status bar updated. Tweaks, fixes and optimizations. Read more here.

NFOPad 1.59 released [2010-07-22]
Some new features, Win7 fixes and new languages added. Read more here.

NFOPad 1.58 released (+translators wanted) [2010-05-22]
Read more here.

NFOPad 1.57 released [2010-03-27]
A whole bunch of old requests finally fixed! Read changelog here.

Small forum update [2010-02-21]
E-mail addresses are no longer shown in the forum messages.

NFOPad 1.56 released [2009-09-25]
New version. Option to save settings to INI file, making NFOPad portable. Read full changelog here.

NFOPad 1.55 released [2009-06-22]
A bunch of new features: auto window width, uppercase/lowercase operations, a new options dialog, read more and leave comments here.

NFOPad 1.54 released [2009-05-17]
A new icon, improved url/mail detection and improved search & replace. Read more and leave comments here.

NFOpad 1.53 released [2009-04-13]
Some new features and bugfixes, read more here.

NFOpad 1.52 released [2009-01-31]
Mostly bugfixes, read changelog and download on the Software/NFOpad page as usual.

NFO files wanted [2009-01-31]
I'm looking for nfo files which don't open correctly in NFOpad in order to maximize the compatibility. If you have found a file which you believes NFOpad shows badly in some way, please e-mail it to me: false@home.seNOSPAM (remove NOSPAM from the address).

[9th January 2009]
Version 1.51 of NFOpad released. Mostly bug fixes, read changelog here.

[1st December 2008]
Version 1.5 of NFOpad released. Lot's of changes, e.g. unicode support, copy on select, replace text, new search options, Vista themes support, optimizations... Read full changelog here.

[8th October 2008]
Version 1.42 of NFOpad released. Recent files list added and some other updates, view changelog and leave comments here.

[6th July 2008]
We fixed a bug in the forum which made it impossible to post anything (!).

[9th April 2008]
Vocable Tool has been released. It is used to learn words of a foreign language. It includes premade vocables for japanese to learn Hiragana and Katakana and also some simple words introducing the language. Read more and create your own vocable files.

[24th March 2008]
Version 1.41 of NFOpad released. E-mail follow added +some minor fixes.

[6th January 2008]
Version 3.0 of Filelister has been released. The most relevant feature is the support for several profiles and priority based sorting. A lot of more stuff are added. You can read the changelog and leave comments here.

[25th November 2007]
Version 1.4 of NFOpad released. Some of the updates: URL follow, status bar, goto line. Read about the updates and leave comments here.

[27th October 2007]
Just a status update, we're currently working on new versions of both NFOpad and Filelister. If you want to get an e-mail when a new version is released click the subscribe button to the left.

[21st May 2007]
Version 1.3 of NFOpad released. This version is so much better than previous versions! Read about the updates and leave comments here.

[9th January 2007]
NFOpad updated to version 1.2. Improved search dialog and bugfixes. Read more here.

[21st October 2006]
Filelister 2.20 is now released, check out the changes here. For the date options, be aware that the time resolutions are dependent on your filesystem, NTFS is recommended.

[8th October 2006]
A new version of NFOpad is released. Yay! (after two and a half year...) A bunch of new features has been added. Read more here.

[3rd September 2006]
Site updated, counter and forum back online. Minor updates to Hovergame (version 2.02 released).

[19th August 2006]
Hovergame can be downloaded for free at the download page. Hovergame is a small 3d game for 2 players. Read more here.

[11th July 2006]
We are now on a new nice server (thanks Washout). Also, from now on always use, since V3, the provider of our old redirection service, started using pop-up malware ads! We are currently working on our platform game, more info about this will be up someday in the future...

[13th June 2006]
The site has been down for one week but is now up on a different address, some info about what is going on will be up shortly. The forum is down at the moment.

[24th November 2005]
NFOpad is now shipped with another installer because some people had trouble with the old one, no changes in the program though.

[11th October 2005]
We have decided to release Winfluence as a freeware program, get a free registration key on this page. The game development is in the centre right now, maybe we'll put some info on it here later on. It will still take a lot of more time until its considered a playable game.

[15th May 2005]
No program updates this time, but please check out the new small and simple forum. Please feel free to enter any questions, suggestions or thanks. Go there

[9th April 2005]
A new updated release of Filelister (2.11) with a bugfix plus some new deafult values, nothing special. Our homepage is also upgraded and now uses php.

[17th March 2005]
The developement goes fast right now. Filelister 2.1 is released! It's a big update with new features and some bugfixes. Program size reduced with 100 KB.

[9th March 2005]
Filelister 2.0 release, big update! A lot of new features. New GUI, improved efficiency and stability, check it out right away. Read More

[9th October 2004]
Added setup support to Filelister. Filelister now comes with an automated installer instead of a zip file.

[30th September 2004]
A new project is under developement, it's our first steps into the world of games and graphics. Our goal is to create a platform PC game using DirectX. Read More

[23th June 2004]
A new program, Filelister has been released! Easy listing of folder contents with advanced settings of appearance, sorting and filter rules + a lot more! Check out the downlad page to get it.

[8th March 2004]
NFOpad v1.0 released and available for download. Homepage updated.

[16th Feb 2004]
True Human Design has been founded and our homepage is up and running for the first time.