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Anders Nivfors NFOPad 1.55 released 2009-06-22 22:52:12
A bunch of new nice features. I can recommend turning auto width on. You might also wanna set up min and max values for auto width if you don't like the default ones.

- New Options dialogue
- Added Auto width, including settings in Options
- Added operations for making the selected text uppercase, lowercase, sentence case, title case and inverted case
- Added "Insert Time/Date"
- Added support for URLs within {} and
- Save dialog tweaks
- bugfix: URL detection didn't work on uppercase addresses


187_duDE Re: NFOPad 1.55 released 2009-09-08 14:16:43
Hello there,

for me this is the best NFO-Viewer ever.
Nice to see you guys working already with new
features on this app.

Thank you very much, really appreciate it and
look forward for more new updates in the future.

Greetz 187_duDE