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Anders Nivfors NFOPad 1.54 released 2009-05-17 13:40:16
I finally made a new icon for NFOPad. If your associated files doesn't get the new icon, you might need to clear the icon cache in windows, see the NFOPad readme file for more information on how to to this.

Updates in this version:
+ Made a new icon for NFOPad (and all associated files)
+ Added option to search text in reverse direction (shift+F3)
+ Improved URL/e-mail detection to handle addresses within parenthesis/brackets and detect the following keywords: http://, https://, ftp://, ftps://, file://, gopher://, news://, nntp://, telnet://, wais://, prospero://
+ Added Reopen current file (Under the File menu or press F5)
+ Optimized "Replace all" to be >40 times faster
+ Changing the encoding of a file when saving will refresh the text to reflect the change
+ Bug fixes