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Anders Nivfors NFOPad 1.53 released 2009-04-13 16:56:02
Some new features such as separate colors for txt/nfo. And the option to select if an associated extension should use the nfo or txt font.

A big bug fix for all users with a non latin OS (nfo-files could not be displayed properly at all before). I've now added a checkbox to force nfo files to use a western latin encoding, checked by default. Please report if this causes problems for anyone.

Changes from 1.52:
- Added option "Load NFO files with western latin encoding", true by default. NFO files was not displayed properly for users with a non latin OS language (such as Chinese or Japanese).
- Added separate colors for nfo/txt
- Made is easier to associate new extensions with NFOPad and also made it possible to set what font to use for each extension
- Fixed so you can use Start->Run "nfopad" to start NFOPad, even when the program wasn't installed using the installer
- Removed unwanted shortcuts (CTRL + H, J, I, M)
- Font character set is used and saved properly
- Improved unicode support in Find/Replace dialog
- Suggested filename cleared on New
- Program renamed to NFOPad with a capital P
- Various fixes