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Chaves Pinto [NFOPad] auto save feature request 2021-09-21 19:37:16

I know. It's just needed to type [ctrl]+[s] to easily save the file. And the [*] sign after the file name makes it even easier to know when a file has changed.

But an autosave option could certainly be interesting. Every x minutes (not my preferred one but useful as well) or every time the NFOPad window loses focus (the top cake's cerise for me)

A kind of backups history could also be saved for those who regret after writing something, allowing them to return back. just in case of closing NFOPad as anyone can undo/redo anything from the edit menu.

Anders Re: [NFOPad] auto save feature request 2021-09-22 19:54:08
Hi and thanks for the suggestion!
However an auto save would be very dangerous if you fiddle with the text and it is saved and you have no way to restore the original file. A backup system would certainly be needed if this was added, as such it is not a small and simple thing to add, or use for the user without knowing the system.