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Rich Dismissing 'file changed outside Diffinity' dialog 2019-07-12 14:18:10
With a Diffinity window already open, if I make any changes to a file and go back to Diffinity, a dialog pops up saying " file changed outside [of] Diffinity, do you want to reload it?", with buttons "Yes", "No" and "Never for this session".

This is a good feature but it's not very user friendly, i.e. I would expect to be able to press the "y" or "n" key on my keyboard to answer the question, but I either have to tab to the correct button and press space/enter, or use the mouse.

Anders Re: Dismissing 'file changed outside Diffinity' dialog 2019-07-21 11:41:25
Thanks for the feedback, always good with detailed suggestions regarding simple workflow fixes.

This has already been fixed for the next version which is soon ready for release.

Rich Re: Dismissing 'file changed outside Diffinity' dialog 2019-11-13 15:58:11
Thanks for implementing the change I'd suggested.

However, I think this functionality could be improved.

If you select the option "never for this session" there's no way to switch it back on again without exiting the program and reloading the diff.

Quite often I am making a number of small changes with Diffinity visible on a different monitor, and in some cases I'd like Diffinity to reload automatically on each changed file, but there's no such option "always for this session" so I keep having to activate Diffinity and click "Yes".

What would be nice is a toggle, perhaps from the toolbar, called something like "Auto refresh". For as long as it's enabled, it will automatically refresh when a file is changed, and when disabled it will never refresh until you do it manually. Then there would be no need for the option "never for this session", unless you use tabbed diff - but then your workflow might change anyway and you'd still have access to the toggle. In fact, for tabbed diff it would make sense to have the toggle per tab so that you can have full control.

Anders Re: Dismissing 'file changed outside Diffinity' dialog 2019-11-13 20:42:49
Thanks for the detailed suggestion. You can sort of do this today by going into Preferences->General and select the behavior you want for when a file change on disk. That is a little cumbersome though so I can see the value of an easier to access switch for that. I am a little hesitant to add buttons to the toolbar or to the current tab for these type of detailed settings though, we want to keep the interface clean and intuitive and this is not a setting people usually change I believe.

Rich Re: Dismissing 'file changed outside Diffinity' dialog 2019-11-14 15:14:31
You're right about that option, I overlooked it.

However, it doesn't automatically refresh in the background, I still have to activate the Diffinity window for it to update. That, to me, isn't automatic (although I appreciate the extra work involved to make that happen)

And while I agree that keeping the interface clean is good, there aren't that many buttons on the toolbar at present - they only take up about 760px width, which is way too narrow to be of any use in a side-by-side diff program anyway ;)

In fact, it would be ideal to allow customisation of the toolbar so that each user can set their preferences. To me, for example, I have no use for the "syntax colours" and "group diffs" to be on the toolbar - they're a setting I'm never likely to change once I've configured it how I like.

Just my opinions though, I appreciate :)

Anders Re: Dismissing 'file changed outside Diffinity' dialog 2019-11-14 19:09:49
Yes a customizable toolbar would be ideal and solve this.

For the file changed detection would you like an option to make it update and rediff when the file changed without a popup and without having to active the window? What is your use case?

Rich Re: Dismissing 'file changed outside Diffinity' dialog 2019-11-15 14:16:31
I think it would be ok to keep the existing setting, but with an additional option like "always reload silently" or "always reload in background", and change the current "always reload" to "always reload (on activation)", or something like that.

My use case varies, but an example may be where I've copied some code from one file to put in another and just make a few changes. I'll want to compare those 2 files to ensure that everything that should be the same is the same, and only the bits I want to be different should be highlighted. If I have to make a number of edits to get to that stage, it would be useful to see Diffinity update itself whilst I'm still in my editor (Sublime) so that I can see if what's left to change or if I've made any mistakes.

If I'm going through that same process but within 2 different parts of the same file, that's where my request for the manual diff alignment markers comes in, so that I can compare 2 chunks of nearly identical code.

Rich Re: Dismissing 'file changed outside Diffinity' dialog 2019-11-15 14:19:04
Sorry, the end of that first paragraph should read:

"so that I can see what's left to change or if I've made any mistakes."

Add "editing a post" to that list of things this forum can't do! ;)

Rich Re: Dismissing 'file changed outside Diffinity' dialog 2019-12-03 17:28:31
So I've noticed I kind of have this working as I requested by accident...

I use a tool called WizMouse ( to scroll windows under the mouse cursor.

If I follow these steps in order:
1. Open Diffinity
2. Make a change to one of the files in an editor (e.g. Sublime) and save
3. Scroll the mouse wheel over the Diffinity window to where the change was made

...then Diffinity refreshes itself when the line(s) I've changed are in Diffinity's view.

After that, any further changes I make in my editor are instantly shown in Diffinity without having to do anything.

So although I'd still appreciate the option as discussed, this workaround is ok for me for now.

Anders Re: Dismissing 'file changed outside Diffinity' dialog 2019-12-07 09:52:35
Hi, sorry I actually missed your previous reply to this thread. I'm glad you found an acceptable workaround.