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Rich Explorer context menu settings 2019-06-03 09:33:43
There are 2 options in the Explorer context menu:
Diffinity - set as left
Diffinity - set as right

Although this is a useful option (for when files are in separate folders), I often have 2 files selected in the same folder/view that I want to open with Diffinity. It would make more sense if I could right-click either of those files and open them both from a menu like "Diffinity - compare these files".

Also, it might be nice to have a preference to put the Diffinity context menu items on a sub-menu so that it doesn't make the main menu too big.

Anders Re: Explorer context menu settings 2019-06-04 09:01:08
Yes, this is also on the todo, it would be nice with a one click compare from Explorer.
Thanks for the feedback!