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Rich Manual alignment markers 2019-05-31 10:52:35
I'm a long time user of kdiff and have often compared it with other diff tools to see how well they perform. I've just come across Diffinity for the first time and overall I really like it! There's just 2 features I'd like to see (I'll post a separate thread for each)

2. Manual alignment markers

In kdiff, it's possible to mark specific lines to be aligned and compared together, as it's not always perfect at getting this right.

So for example, in this screenshot:

It is comparing line 126 (left) with 117 (right), but it should be comparing with 118 on the right, as these are both lines. So I can mark these lines on both sides and then the comparison will be better, i.e.

Anders Re: Manual alignment markers 2019-06-01 12:31:42
Yes, this is something we've considered adding, it should not be to much work, it's on the todo. Thanks for the info and screenshots.

Rich Re: Manual alignment markers 2019-06-03 08:54:02
Thanks for your reply.

That's great to hear it shouldn't be difficult to do, I really think it would make a big difference. I look forward to seeing it in a future update :)

Rich Re: Manual alignment markers 2019-11-13 15:23:06
Hi, me again! :)

You suggested that this shouldn't be much work, and is on your to do list. Is there any update on this? It's a feature I sorely miss from kdiff!

Additionally, those blank spaces in the kdiff screenshots I provided show what I mean about my other request ( If you implement this manual alignment feature then it makes even more sense to have the option to show the blank spaces like in kdiff, especially when you consider the scenario of when you move/refactor a chunk of text to a totally different part of the file.

Anders Re: Manual alignment markers 2019-11-13 20:35:03
Hi Rich!
It's not being worked on at the moment. I hope I will get time to look at it in a not to distant future though. Thanks.