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Rich Option to show blank lines to align text better 2019-05-31 10:43:26
I'm a long time user of kdiff and have often compared it with other diff tools to see how well they perform. I've just come across Diffinity for the first time and overall I really like it! There's just 2 features I'd like to see (I'll post a separate thread for each)

1. Option to show blank lines to align text better

In kdiff, if there is a section of text on one side that's not on the other side, it will artificially insert blank lines (or some sort of white space) to fill in the gap. That way, the next section (where comparison starts again) will be aligned correctly.

See this image:

It has compared line 109 (left) to 113 (right), then put in a big gap on the right before the next line (114) on the right. This then makes it easy to see the next comparison at line 124 (left) and 115 (right).

In comparison, Diffinity shows this gap in a graphical way, which I can understand the benefit from, but is less obvious at a glance what is aligning with what. The actual alignment is different depending on how far up you have scrolled.

See this image:
and this one:

It would be ideal to have an option to toggle between each of these behaviours.

Incidentally, Diffinity is much better than most of the competition, in that it correctly aligns and compares similar sections of text, e.g. the section in these screenshots. Many other programs get confused by this level of differences (this is a non-standard comparison designed to test the power of a diff program), so well done on that :)

Anders Re: Option to show blank lines to align text better 2019-06-01 12:30:02
Hi, thank you for the feedback and good to hear that you like the program!

It would be a little tricky to add to the current design and personally I've never really seen the benefit of that type of view but I guess it comes down to preference. Request noted nonetheless, feel free to send more ideas for improvements. /Anders

Rich Re: Option to show blank lines to align text better 2019-06-03 09:06:05
Thanks for your reply.

I understand I may be in the minority (the Diffinity view is similar on many other programs) and that it could just be personal preference.

This is the one thing that's stopping me from making Diffinity my default diff program, but I may try sticking with it for a while to see if I can get used to it - I know lots of things that are 'new' or 'different' can take a while to adapt to!

If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Keep up the good work :)

Rich Re: Option to show blank lines to align text better 2019-06-06 16:41:08
I've noticed that when I scroll the mousewheel on the left pane both panes will scroll by the amount on the left, and when I scroll on the right pane both panes will scroll by the amount on the right.

This means it works differently on these sections where one side has a chunk of text that isn't on the other side.

For example, if there's a bunch of text in the right pane that's not on the left, if I mousewheel scroll on the left pane then the right pane jumps to accommodate the extra chunk. Whereas if I mousewheel scroll on the right pane then the left pane pauses until both panes are in alignment again.

(The same behaviour is true if I scroll using the Thumb View)

This is actually pretty neat. So could there be an option in the settings which always did the pause to catch up, no matter which pane I'm scrolling? I would find that much easier to follow. It's that jumping that I find really difficult to follow.

Anders Re: Option to show blank lines to align text better 2019-06-08 07:26:25
Hi again, the reasoning behind this is that if you scroll one side you're always supposed to be able to keep scrolling that text no matter what is on the other side. If one side has a 500 line block of added text and you're scrolling the other side it will be very cumbersome to scroll past that with the mouse. But yes I can also see how it would be preferable in some cases to have your described behavior. I will add a note about adding a setting for that. Thanks!

Rich Re: Option to show blank lines to align text better 2019-06-10 11:27:04
Yeah I guess it could be cumbersome on really big chunks but it's essentially how I'm used to kdiff working and I'm happy with that. It can also be useful to see easily that there's such a huge gap 'missing' between 2 files where you might expect them to be very similar. Thanks for considering adding it as an option :)

Martin Smith Re: Option to show blank lines to align text better 2019-12-10 11:09:22
I've just found Diffinity and find it brilliant. I'm also coming from KDiff and like requested above, I do wish there was an option to insert blank lines for diffs rather than using the graphical way (For me it gives a cleaner way to visualize / scroll through changes)...

Great tool though especially the folder diff functionality - keep up the good work!