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Anders Nivfors NFOPad 1.62 released 2011-10-23 12:02:19
+ Russian localization added
+ URL detection now also detects URLs starting with www (without http://)
+ Pressing insert will switch input mode (overwrite/insert)
+ Input mode indicator on the status bar and a setting to turn it off
+ Potential fix for NFOPad requesting administrator rights every time it starts
+ Bugfix: title of the document was never sent to the printer when printing
+ Bugfix: "View with NFOPad" was not removed properly from the context menu
+ Bugfix: scrolled position and selection could be reset for some rare cases

Big thanks to Klevest for adding Russian localization. If you want to translate NFOPad to another language please contact me.

Tomas Re: NFOPad 1.62 released 2011-10-23 13:16:16
Hi Anders,

Me again. ;-)

I still don't understand the change from "View with NFO" to "Edit with NFO". ;-)

I have a set of editors for various things, and your amendment, changed the order of the shortcuts to these editors in the context menu. It's utterly confusing now.

Please, understand that I am talking about the usability and convenience here. Something was in some way for several years(!), and suddenly the work-flow is completely distorted.

What I am saying may seem as a non-sense, but all studies confirm this: "Change the way a good product work, and you are surely going to annoy the users."

Recently (in the beginning of this year) the same happened with my stance toward the PHPEdit editor. They have been rewriting it from Delphi to C#, and it took them three years(!) just to get to a place, where they were before. I was still patient. But, when they changed the drop-down menus to ribbons, my patience was over. This enabled me to discover a better product from JetBrains.

The moral of the story? Please don't change things, people are used to.

Thank you for your time dedicated to reading this longer post.

Kind regards,

Anders Nivfors Re: NFOPad 1.62 released 2011-10-23 13:55:27
Your concern is noted, however I don't change things without a reason. For this case some users, me included, thought it was named badly since you actually edit the file.

Also, personally I prefer having "Edit with NFOPad" just next to windows own "Edit".

Hopefully you'll get used to NFOPads new (and in my opinion improved) position in the context menu. But again, you're concern is noted and I'll think twice before changing these kinds of things again :)