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Anders Nivfors NFOPad 1.6 released 2010-10-05 22:59:36
Version 1.6 released!
Whats new? Polish added. Status bar updated with new items and settings. A whole bunch of tweaks, fixes and optimizations.

Full change log:
+ Polish localization added
+ Added option for toggling all status bar items on/off
+ Added new status bar items: file size, unicode indication, selection length (not shown by default)
+ "Match case" in the Find dialog is not saved between sessions anymore
+ Added setting for always using the standard tab width 8 for nfo files, since some nfo files assumes this (default true)
+ When reopening a file (F5) the text is scrolled back to the previous location
+ Find/replace/count performance greatly improved
+ Changed some default values for Auto Width
+ Fixes and tweaks on how to select text by double clicking and ctrl-clicking
+ Added a warning if trying to use a language when the language file has not been installed
+ Fixes, checks and warnings regarding reading and writing registry keys for all users using an windows account without admin rights
+ Goto dialog fixes
+ bugfix: Find dialog was always on top all other windows
+ bugfix: Changing font selection using the menu or keyboard shortcuts did not update the Save As dialog's default extension
+ bugfix: Misc localization fixes