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Anders Nivfors NFOPad 1.59 released 2010-07-22 11:23:02
Version 1.59 released. Big thanks to the users that have provided the translations of NFOPad for this version!

+ Program language can be set in options
+ Quick switch between NFO/text mode can be done from menu or with shortcut keys.
+ URL detection now work within xml tags
+ Default encoding for saving files can be set in options
+ Fixed taskbar icon to use the one with high resolution
+ German localization added
+ Portuguese localization added
+ Spanish localization added

Antonio Serena Re: NFOPad 1.59 released 2010-07-22 12:42:09
Thank you in advance, for so marvellous work.
I have from the version 1.57 up to the current one, a problem, which happens to me on having printed any file. (999 pages go out for me in the windows of number of copies) and from v1.56 could not have updated.)
I wait for your advice.

Anders Re: NFOPad 1.59 released 2010-07-22 15:08:43
Hi, I don't exactly understand your problem. Can you describe it more in detail? Maybe this is easier handled over email, mail me at:

Alca Re: NFOPad 1.59 released 2010-07-30 01:01:46
Hello, I'm trying to select the correct font to render NFOs exactly like Ludibria does, exemple:

But whatever I set my font to (currently on ASCII VGA, 12), I absolutely cannot manage to reproduce the "cleanness" of Ludibria.

Please teach which font should be used to achieve this with NFOPad! Thank you very much.

Anders Re: NFOPad 1.59 released 2010-07-30 11:29:00
NFOPad comes with three fonts ASCII, ASCII EGA and ASCII VGA. Try these and see which one you likes the best.
I don't know what font Ludibria uses but they probably have their own. Feel free to download any other ascii font and set NFOPad to use that instead.

ewwink Re: NFOPad 1.59 released 2010-08-31 21:08:38
I love this software :D