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Anders Nivfors NFOPad 1.57 released 2010-03-27 16:43:10
1.57, finally! A setting for tab width, a bunch of old requests and bugfixes:

+ Tab width can be set in Options
+ NFOPad warns if trying to save a text with unicode characters with an incompatible encoding
+ More intuitive word selection when double clicking a word
+ Double clicking an URL or e-mail address will select it
+ Adding ".LOG" at the top of a text tells NFOPad to automatically add the current date and time to the text upon opening, just as Notepad.
+ Recent files list always sorted so the most recent files are shown first.
+ Word wrapping added when printing to make sure all text fits the page.
+ Bugfix: Removed false warning when printing
+ Bugfix: Tabs where not handled correctly when printing
+ Bugfix: URL/e-mail detection did not work in the end of really long texts
+ Bugfix: Delete line was possible in read only mode
+ A bunch of minor tweaks

ST Re: NFOPad 1.57 released 2010-03-28 19:36:01
A bug introduced since v1.56:
The INI file for saving settings is in ANSI and fails to save unicode characters in the Recent paths.

Anders Nivfors Re: NFOPad 1.57 released 2010-04-04 13:33:59
Indeed! I'll look into that. Thanks.