True Human Design

Shaper 0.3.1 released [2023-08-31]
Minor bugfixes and make sure window does not go off screen, download here.

Shaper 0.3.0 released [2023-05-14]
Added new features such as multiple folders and check for updates, download here.

NFOPad 1.81 released [2022-11-27]
Fix for issue with inputting special characters with alt+keypad numbers. More info.

Diffinity 0.9.4 released [2022-11-24]
Text casing can be ignored, added support for folder diff exclusions, updated to .NET 6, read full changelog here.

Shaper 0.2.0 released [2022-10-24]
Added new features such as resizing and recursive folder search to folders, download here.

Shaper 0.1.0 released [2022-05-15]
Added a utility to change wallpaper in Windows at a regular interval, download here.