True Human Design

Shaper 0.1.0 released [2022-05-15]
Added a utility to change wallpaper in Windows at a regular interval, download here.

NFOPad 1.8 released [2022-04-02]
Added support for zooming the text, icons updated to 256x256, support for adding prefix to selected lines, see full changelog here.

GitHub Repository [2021-12-20]
Anders Lind has added a GitHub repository featuring a sobel filter. If there is an interest we may add more later.

Filelister 4.0.2 released [2021-09-18]
Fielister becomes portable when a configuration file is placed in the application folder. Fixed resize issues with the splitter control. Read more here.

Diffinity 0.9.3 download link fixed [2021-02-06]
The download link for Diffinity 0.9.3 referred to an old version yesterday but has now been fixed.

Diffinity 0.9.3 released [2021-02-05]
Highlights: added custom commands, sort lines tool can now filter lines, text zoom, syntax highlighter updated. Read more here.