True Human Design

Diffinity 0.9.3 download link fixed [2021-02-06]
The download link for Diffinity 0.9.3 referred to an old version yesterday but has now been fixed.

Diffinity 0.9.3 released [2021-02-05]
Highlights: added custom commands, sort lines tool can now filter lines, text zoom, syntax highlighter updated. Read more here.

Filelister 4.0.1 released [2021-01-31]
Filelister code base reworked to bring it up to date. Better compatibility with Windows 10, new features and a revamped extremely fast listing engine that can be extended in the future. Read more and download here.

Diffinity 0.9.2 released [2020-06-21]
Manual alignment markers, sort lines command, new syntax highlighter settings, folder diff fixes, read more here.

HTTP over TLS support [2020-06-08]
Enabled https access to the website to protect privacy and integrity of any exchanged data. You will automatically be redirected when using older http links.

Forum updated [2020-06-05]
Fixed so that, when reading the forum, the thread with the most recent reply will be shown on top. Additionally, an email will be sent to all people in the thread when updated.