True Human Design

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Diffinity Icon Diffinity
Diffinity is a diff and merging tool with focus on accurate and easy to read source code diffs.

Filelister Icon Filelister
Create and customize document file listings of your folders' contents. Option to list folders from the right-click menu makes it fast and easy.

NFOPad Icon NFOPad
NFOPad is a small and flexible text editor with support for nfo files. It's a highly customizable Notepad clone with some additional features...

Vocable Tool Icon Vocable Tool
Software for learning vocables of a foreign language. Use vocable files to write the words that you need to practice and vocable tool will question you.

Old and archived software

Winfluence Icon Winfluence
Includes 5 tools, BG-Changer, Renamer, EasyReg, SysInfo and an old version of the filelister utility. The 5 tools do what their name says. The work on Winfluence has been discontinued since 2001.