True Human Design

Diffinity 0.8.3 released [2017-03-13]
New version released, read more here.

NFOPad 1.72 released [2016-11-16]
Tabify selection, Hebrew localization, url detection improvements and more, read more here.

Diffinity released! [2016-11-06]
We've released a new application, a diffing tool with focus on accurate and easy to read source code diffs. Read more here.

NFOPad 1.71 released [2016-02-20]
Better load times, Slovak localization and more, read more here.

NFOPad 1.7 released [2015-07-30]
Search while typing added, new icons added, file association fixes. Read more here.

NFOPad 1.69 released [2014-04-06]
Fixed CTRL + backspace to remove a whole word and added French localization. Read more here.