True Human Design

Increased font and table sizes of homepage [2018-01-30]
Increased the size of fonts and tables slightly for better readability.

Diffinity 0.8.5 released [2018-01-06]
Several new settings added and a lot of tweaks and fixes, read more here.

Diffinity 0.8.4 released [2017-10-05]
Whitespace characters can be shown in the text and a bunch of fixes, read more here.

NFOPad 1.73 released [2017-09-09]
Sort selected lines, better preservation of scrolled position, tweaks and bugfixes, read more here.

Diffinity 0.8.3 released [2017-03-13]
New version released, read more here.

NFOPad 1.72 released [2016-11-16]
Tabify selection, Hebrew localization, url detection improvements and more, read more here.