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Midas nfoPad is great! (+ suggestions) 2009-05-20 18:04:28
I just discovered you little utility and it made me an instant convert. Great work! Thanks for your generosity in realeasing it for free for the millions cruising the interwebz... ;-D

I have been a long time user of DAMN nfo Viewer, but lately the lack of Unicode support has been a bummer. so I switched to GetDiz, but I find it too cumbersome with all the different files and required folder structure -- I prefer my soft to be easily portable in my USB pendrive.

nfoPad does just that, although I haven't tested the settings stickyness. And that's my first suggestion: it should keep its settings in an ini file in its folder, rather than the system registry for portability (I understand, of course, that there are some settings, like file associations that must be written to the registry...).

Other requests:
- could an option be added to configure link highlighting?
- another such option would to show line numbering...
- if it had a small toolbar, then it could also replace my notepad replacement... :)
- for the previous purpose, it would also need date/time insertion and case conversion (upper, lower, sentence, title, invert) capabilites, and possibly, text snippets a la notepad2...

Hope you don't find me obnoxious, this is just my way of contributing.


Anders Nivfors Re: nfoPad is great! (+ suggestions) 2009-05-20 23:17:41
Thanks for your feedback. You have a lot of good ideas and I'm writing them all down.
Saving settings to an ini-file is actually something I've considered for some time. It will probably be added for some future version.

Midas Re: nfoPad is great! (+ suggestions) 2009-05-21 14:46:55
You're too kind, Anders.

I have yet one more suggestion: on saving a new text file, maybe NFOPad could suggest the text in the first line for the file name.

Sorry, make that two... how about emulating vanilla notepad's .LOG functionality (date auo-insertion on text file opening)? I don't know what language you develop in, but I can point to open sourced Akelpad ( for exemplifying this...

Thank you ever so much.

Anders Nivfors Re: nfoPad is great! (+ suggestions) 2009-05-21 15:32:20
I actually didn't know of that LOG feature in Notepad. But it doesn't really seem that useful? Why would one want it?

Midas Re: nfoPad is great! (+ suggestions) 2009-05-22 16:36:44
.LOG is great for automated log keeping -- i'm referring to the text file editor side here, not to the nfo viewer -- and rapid notetaking. You click a file, and presto you have a date header so you just need to paste or type your note. But hey, to each his/her own... 8-)

Eddie Re: nfoPad is great! (+ suggestions) 2009-05-30 05:12:48
Just found out about this program after Secunia recommended removing DAMN NFO Viewer due to not being developed any more, plus I was after a more advanced/update to date program anyway. Loving this program so far. I'm currently doing a comparison to GetDiz.

So far, all I have found that I wish NFOPad had too is the auto size feature when opening NFO files. So for example on GetDiz there is an option to, "Set width according to widest line (on load)", which I think would be a good feature to look at implementing. Other than that, maybe if there was a smaller font size for ASCII VGA but I realise this is more so to do with the font than the program itself. Lastly, when the horizontal scroll isn't needed, if it could disappear instead of just turning grey (seems like a waste of space). Otherwise, looking good, keep up the great work.

Anders Nivfors Re: nfoPad is great! (+ suggestions) 2009-05-30 17:20:08
Yes the automate width feature has been requested before and I think it's a pretty good feature, I have it on my todo list.

Thanks for your feedback.

Isis Re: nfoPad is great! (+ suggestions) 2009-05-31 01:16:09
When I view a link that is 'angle-bracketed', i.e., , the brackets appear to be linked as well. (Only the last one causes problems.)

This annoying practice seems to be on the increase, ostensibly to keep very long URL's intact. (Haven't they heard of 'TinyURL'?)

Anders Nivfors Re: nfoPad is great! (+ suggestions) 2009-05-31 10:55:28
I see, I'll add a check for angle brackets (and curly brackets).