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MCHAL Ascii Art Creator 2009-05-02 18:41:39
Hi there:

Thanks for developing NFOPad! Really cool! Fully Unicode?

Just dropped by to suggest you (lovers of Ascii art) to download and try this cool little app:

iNF0 Master -> (must-have!)


aLL tHe bEsT frOM bRaZiL. ;)

Anders Nivfors Re: Ascii Art Creator 2009-05-10 17:32:37
Hi, NFOPad is fully unicode yes.

Thanks for your links but try to keep your link tips to one thread so you don't spam the forum.

MCHAL Re: Ascii Art Creator 2009-05-10 20:33:41

I am glad your seem to appreciate my humble and small contribution in this regard. Please, note that, by doing this, I guess also I am "advertising" your nice NFO Pad proggie around and helping to draw more interest to it. Besides, I am spreading the word about it over the web, mentioning it in other user foruns with links placed there pointing out to your site. And please, accept my apologies: I don't want to "spam" you at all. At least, if it was possible to edit already posted messages, I would actually acted as suggested that for sure.

Anyway, there'll be no "spam" anymore and thanks for your reply.