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srs nfopad cursor disappears 2008-11-29 19:38:14

I love nfopad, but have one little proble:

I like my background color to be grey with black text, but with this color the cursor disappears when it's over the background. The background color I'm using is RGB(128,128,128).

Anders Nivfors Re: nfopad cursor disappears 2008-11-29 20:20:05
Hi, this is common for all windows applications. The color of the caret cursor is always inverted (and desaturated) with the color of the window background.

So when you pick the exact middle gray (128,128,128) the inverted color is the very same gray.

So just use a slightly brighter or slightly darker gray and the problem disappears.

srs Re: nfopad cursor disappears 2008-11-29 21:15:44

thanks for the fast and informative reply :) I did as you suggested and the problem went away.