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Rich Occasional really slow startup v0.9 2019-10-23 13:39:46
Sometimes when I start Diffinity (usually from SmartGit) it can take ages to start, like up to 45 seconds. I can see the process running in Process Hacker but not really consuming any CPU. After a while the GUI window appears with 2 blank panes, then a bit later the files appear.

This is running v0.9 with the tabbed diffs enabled. It never did this with previous versions. If I open Diffinity again afterwards it works fine. Then some time later (hours or days) the problem will reoccur.

I do think it's connected to the tabbed diffs setting, as it never seems to be slow when opening with it disabled (although I've not tried running it much with it disabled so I'll try for a few days).

Is there anything like a verbose log I can get hold of?

Rich Re: Occasional really slow startup v0.9 2019-10-25 15:01:30
I have disabled tabbed diffs and I still get the same problem, although it's not quite as slow.

(for info, I'm running on an quad core i7-8650U with 16Gb RAM, so it's not my PC that's slow)

Anders Re: Occasional really slow startup v0.9 2019-10-25 16:53:10
Hi, thanks for the information and troubleshooting. I've never seen 45 second delays and especially weird if you can get such slow startups with tabbed diffs turned off.

It would be interesting to know if other users have the same problem.

There is no verbose logging to turn on at the moment unfortunately.

There has been some work on rewriting parts of the code which might affect this. It will not be released in the next version (which will come out this weekend most likely) but will probably be part of the version after that.

Do you see this issue if you uninstall 0.9 and install 0.8.8? Feel free to contact us on email if you want that version sent to you or have more information about this.

Rich Re: Occasional really slow startup v0.9 2019-11-11 12:15:47
I'm pretty sure the problem I encountered was down to using BES ( to reduce the CPU of the anti-virus process, which presumably kicks in when it reads the files that Diffinity opens.

Disabling BES from reducing that process does make it quicker again.

It does still seem a little slow at times if it's not been opened in a while, but I can't pinpoint what it could be. Some logging could be useful to try and narrow down, but it's more than likely it's something outside of Diffinity's control.

Anders Re: Occasional really slow startup v0.9 2019-11-11 19:57:41
Alright, thanks for reporting back.