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Jörg Reichert Create .BAK-Files? 2019-07-24 15:09:46
Hi there,

very nice and clean tool!

But i am truely missing an option to create an (optional) BAKup-File of the old file when I save a file. Is it possible?

Regards, Jörg

Anders Re: Create .BAK-Files? 2019-07-24 16:26:36
Hi, thanks for the feedback!
Creating bak-files is not possible at the moment no.

Jörg Reichert Re: Create .BAK-Files? 2019-07-25 06:28:21
Is it planned?
Other compare tools also provide this feature.

Anders Re: Create .BAK-Files? 2019-07-25 10:13:38
I see, it is not planned but I'll make a note of the request.