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Rich Dismissing 'file changed outside Diffinity' dialog 2019-07-12 14:18:10
With a Diffinity window already open, if I make any changes to a file and go back to Diffinity, a dialog pops up saying " file changed outside [of] Diffinity, do you want to reload it?", with buttons "Yes", "No" and "Never for this session".

This is a good feature but it's not very user friendly, i.e. I would expect to be able to press the "y" or "n" key on my keyboard to answer the question, but I either have to tab to the correct button and press space/enter, or use the mouse.

Anders Re: Dismissing 'file changed outside Diffinity' dialog 2019-07-21 11:41:25
Thanks for the feedback, always good with detailed suggestions regarding simple workflow fixes.

This has already been fixed for the next version which is soon ready for release.