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DFH Support for Myanmar Unicode Block? 2019-05-19 11:04:24
I just tried comparing two UTF-8 text files containing mostly Myanmar text.

None of the glyphs are displayed other than as an unknown character.

There's no preferences option to select a different Unicode font.
Had there been, I could have selected either Code2000 or Padauk.

Having been impressed earlier by how Diffinity displayed Biblical Hebrew, I'm somewhat dismayed to discover this general lack of support for other writing systems.

Anders Re: Support for Myanmar Unicode Block? 2019-05-19 12:17:47
Hi thanks for the feedback, are you sure the text is unicode and not ansi? If so you could try the other different encodings from the status bar?

Have you tried changing font? Preferences -> Text Editor -> Font
Or was the request to be able to specify a font to use for utf-8 only?

I was under the impression that a utf-8 font such as Consoles which we use as default should have all characters needed for displaying Myanmar if the text was indeed encoded for utf-8.

Feel free to e-mail sample files for us to test. Thank you.