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Nicola Filelister 2018-08-13 17:01:06

I'm posting a new topic since I can't find the old one.
Well it was like years ago, and much happened...

I'm the guy that asked if it would've been possible to customize the filename of the file built by filelister.
(something like "Disc label/root folder name - yyyy/mm/gg" for example)

Filelister is really a handy program, it deserves some more love.
I'm waiting for good news (well, I hope to hear some, but it's you guys choice in the end).

Anders Lind Re: Filelister 2018-08-15 06:57:41
Do you mean that you want to add the disc label as a root item in addition to the folders?

It would sure need some love but I haven't been so motivated to update it recent years. I had ha loss of code and lost some of the progress thus making it bit of work to finish it but maybe some day.