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DFH Syntax testing word delimiters 2017-12-15 15:03:21
The default for word delimiters in Edit | Preferences | Syntax testing are:



1. Hyphen/minus is included so hyphenated words don't count unless you remove this.
2. Underscore is not included, this being a valid XML word character.
3. These keyboard characters are not included: `¦¬~?*%
4. Currency symbols are also not included: £$₠¤¥ - etc.
5. Left and right quotation marks are not included
i.e. Characters: ‘’“”
6. Non-English quotation and non-Roman punctuation marks are not included, so take care with text files that are another language.
7. Many other Unicode characters are not included.

Take good care that these points are considered when using syntax highlighting.