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DFH User defined syntax highlighting 2017-12-13 13:18:07
Notepad++ has a feature for user defined syntax highlighting.

This would be a great benefit for Diffinity.

I just looked at one of the supplied .xshd files.
These are in XML format.

Please provide a UI dialogue something along the lines found in Notepad++.

I would be particularly interested in defining a scheme for USFM.

Unified Standard Format Markers.

USFM is a markup format used by Bible Translators in software such as ParaTExt and Bibledit.

Anders Re: User defined syntax highlighting 2017-12-13 22:00:42
Yes we are very much lacking a UI for editing syntax highlighting, it's on the todo, for now the workaround is to edit the xshd files directly. You can add new files or edit the existing ones to support additional file types and keywords.