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Ath Diffinity: A few wishes 2017-05-14 09:37:16

Being a longtime user of Compare It! by Grigsoft (, that is no longer maintained, I'm quite impressed by Diffinity, though a bit underwhelmed by the available features and options :-).
I'd be interested to see these features of Compare It! (CI) implemented in Diffinity:
- Lines view: A small view across the bottom of the application window, showing the currently selected lines above each other, with differences marked. Very easy when finding small differences between lines. Scrolls horizontally using the mouse scroll-wheel when the mouse is hovering this view or the left panel (see next request)
- Horizontal scroll: CI has the option to scroll horizontally by mouse-wheel when the mouse is over the left panel. It scrolls vertically when the mouse is over the rest of the application (Windows standard behavior).

Kind regards,