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Peter Wei How to set file association icon? 2015-08-04 22:52:31
downloaded version 1.7 - thanks for the update.

You mention that several icons have been integrated that can be used for the .nfo file association.
Unfortunately the old icon is gone for me - all are now showing with the ".txt" icon and I could not figure out to use one of your icons.
I was expecting something in options to associate .nfoPad with .nfo files, but could not find anything related.

Could you provide a short description?

Thanks - Peter

Anders Re: How to set file association icon? 2015-08-06 18:10:47
it's a bit weird if all icons defaulted to the one with txt since the default icon is the old one. Anyway, you can configure the file associations and icons under Settings/Options/Shell. Add the filetypes you want associated with NFOPad or edit an existing one. You can select the icon you want in the dialog that pops up when you press Add/Edit. Thanks!

Peter Wei Re: How to set file association icon? 2015-08-06 19:55:39
thanks for the explanation - I missed the "edit" button in there ... got it now.

I think the reason for the mix up could be an issue of windows UAC, first time NFOpad complained it could not write to the registry - had to restart it with "start as admin".

Working great now - thanks again -