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Nicola Filelister feature request 2014-09-25 08:20:00
I'm trying to contact you guys with emails, but it doesn't seems you're getting them.
Since I see there was some activity I supposeyou're still alive, so I'll try here.

I contacted you in the past about some feature request to Filelister, in particular the customization of the filemnmae of the lists.

I was thinking of something like "volume label - YYYY MM GG HH MM".

That way one would have a truly automated right click menu listing entry, something no SW has right now, not even commercial ones.

It's the only thing this great SW is missing, please...
Anyway thanks for it, as it is right now it's already a very good program, useful and tiny as I like them to be.

Anders Re: Filelister feature request 2014-09-25 14:58:46

This is probably my fault, I am developer of Filelister and I'm quite horrible on keeping track of the emails I get. I have received feedback earlier on and everything I get goes to the list of possible feature.

I admit though, there hasn't been any release for a long time and time really doesn't permit to. If I fix it I will make sure to notify you about it. Also you guys sending an email now and then helps me to realize I should actually put some effort on this. It is actually not much work.

I'll do my best, thanks for the feedback!

Nicola Re: Filelister feature request 2014-09-25 21:26:15
Good to know I managed to reach you, it was long ago that I contacted you and receiving no answer made me a bit worried.
You kind of get some (months of) time before a new reminder...
I'l pray that there'll be good news meanwhile. ;)

Nicola Re: Filelister feature request 2015-08-24 09:10:13
A little bump singe almost a year has passed ;)

Nicola Re: Filelister feature request 2015-09-01 06:58:15
Well, I suppose there's nothing here. Too bad.
Kind of expected after so long.