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Gfy Functionality to view .nfo files stored in SRRs 2014-05-18 12:01:24
I heard this was someone's favorite NFO viewer, so I'm going to ask the same question here too.

And a copy of my request, just in case:

If you don't know the concept of SRR files yet, have a read on the wiki:

When opening a .srr file with iNFekt, it should show the first stored .nfo file without path. (An SRR can contain multiple NFO files e.g. This would be the default minimal basic functionality for this enhancement.

Further enhancements could include showing a combobox with all available files. Those that are viewable (.nfo, .sfv, .txt, .diz, .cue, .m3u,...) will open in the viewer. For other file types a save dialog could show or they'll be viewed with another tool. For example the Windows image viewer for proof files.

Parsing an SRR file for grabbing the stored file data is fairly simple, but showing SRR/SRS file info stuff like does is not quickly done. I think this falls out of the scope of an NFO viewer, but could be added when calling external rescene command line tools. (e.g. srr.exe file.srr -l)

Documentation to help you with this is in the list below. All the RAR stuff you can skip. You just need to be able to parse the blocks and read one kind of SRR block and grab the file data from there. (the concept of blocks is the same for SRR and RAR) The two spec files should be enough, but it might be handy to see some code so I've added some more links.

* SRR file format specification:
* "Archive processing is made in the following manner" RAR spec:
* RarReader class (implementation of the above):
* PHP library used for the site:
* "Simple PHP scripts for inspecting RAR archives and associated files" not something I've written, but nice code that can parse SRR files too:

If you can make this happen, that would be an awesome enhancement!

You can mail me or find me at #srrdb on EFNet for any more info you need.

Kind regards