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Techguy8 NFOPad nfo file font weird display 2012-12-30 04:38:07
Dec 29 2012

Hi, and Happy Holidays!

Similar to post by Pirx , I have the Triangles replacing all non-ascii-basic (form-build) characters.
I am linking a screen snaps which shows NFOPad Readme file , as displayed by:
NFOPad in .NFO setting mode
NFOPad in .TXT setting mode
Windows Notepad - display comparison - NFOPad compare NFO vs TXT & Setting

Display and Settings for each are:
Displays with Triangles in NFO extension mode.
Displays correctly in TXT extension mode.
Fonts: NFO files: ASCII VGA 12 (the default)
TXT files: Lucida Console 10 (my choice)
Selection: Determine by extension, default to nfo
Misc: Load NFO files with western latin enconding = ON (tick-marked)
(I also tried with it off - no change in behavior)

(It asks me: The file is not a valid text file. It may be a binary file. Convert any NULL terminators to spaces and load anyway? YES.)
Displays initially the form-build characters as black blocks, then later load after I reviewed font settings, displays OK, then later it is back to black blocks. weird.
Settings: View: Primary font: System fixed width
Secondary font: Custom: Courier New Regular 8pt

*(After reviewing the settings, I reloaded the NFOPad readme_ENG.nfo and this time, while it still asked about loading the file, now it displays the form-build characters properly, as shown in the NFOPad text example or Notepad-plus-plus example.)

Displays correctly.
(admittedly, the settings here are sortof all over the place... it's one of the things I don't like about the program. But it does offer Column-mode editing.)
Seems that .nfo files default to DOS Style settings, which do not allow any choice of font.
Setting: not in Preferences,
Style Configurator: DOS Style, options grayed out.

Windows Notepad
Displays correctly.
Setting: Format: Font: Lucida Console Regular 10 pt.
Displays correctly.

*the one good thing about Windows Notepad is that making a change to the Settings Format Font is instantly displayed in the opened data file.
Based on this feature, I use Win Notepad to change and check various fonts:
- ASCII VGA Regular 10pt, it immediately shows the dreaded upside-down Triangles.
- Fixedsys Regular 10 pt, and it shows the square black blocks as Metapad initially did.
- Lucida Console 10pt, displays text and form-build characters properly.
- Tried many others, the one font that seems to display the form-build ascii characters OK is the Lucida Console (OT OpenType font).

Maybe it is my system...
Maybe it means I have to set the NFOPad to only use Lucida Console font for NFO as well as TXT. I do have different color schemes, as you can see, to help me identify NFO vs TXT file.

Windows XP Pro SP3, Sony Viao PCVRS530G.

Hope this helps. Thanks.

Anders Re: NFOPad nfo file font weird display 2012-12-30 10:01:27
Hi, thanks for your feedback and the explanatory pictures.

As far as I can see NFOPad is working as intended. It shows ENG_NFOPad.txt correctly. I assume you just changed the extension on that file to .nfo for the picture with triangles? That doesn't work since the readme file is a unicode file and can't be viewed with an ascii font (thus the triangles). If you view a proper nfo file it should work though.