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TechGuy8 Suggestion to show file type/line endings 2012-02-23 10:16:28
HI. Thanks for nice product.

A suggestion: can you add an indicator in the bottom status bar that tells the kind of text (nfo) file that we are viewing?
Telling us if it is DOS (CR/LF) or UNIX (LF) or 'Classic' Mac (CR), that sort of thing?

Sort of like what Metapad and Notepad++ have in their status bar.

I do have the "Unicode Indicator" turned on, but that does not seem to do much for me ... ;)

Thank you.

Anders Re: Suggestion to show file type/line endings 2012-02-26 23:24:19
Hi, thanks for your feedback. So basically you want the status bar to say what newline character that is used? Is there a particular scenario when this information is good to know for the user?