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papin Feature request 2011-11-02 14:49:06

Nice program with very interesting features.

However, I do not really like the HTML output, which could be much better if we have:

- External stylesheet, stored in program or in application data folder (for vista+), with a class per column. The .css file can be easily modified to the user tastes.

- Better HTML code for the table, which should include headers (, , , ...) and footer so they can be used (e.g. fixed headers when scrolling the page). Moreover, by coding the table as completely as possible makes it fully customizable with .css.

- Add in the header a link to a dummy javascript script (for the reason mentioned above).

- Independent column for units, so I can hide the column (thanks to its class) and align the values to the right.

Or, make a template for the HTML output. Probably a better solution. Then, a user may edit the template provided they know what to do, but it's their responsability, not yours. Then, you (and me too) can concentrate for things much more important than HTML.

- Units with thousands separator, possibly optional

- I haven't check the field separator for .txt output, but the choice for the character should be integrated (tab or whatever) for further use, for instance, as a CSV delimited file.

I may have other suggestions, but enough for today and I must go.


Anders Re: Feature request 2011-11-13 21:01:41

Thanks for your input. The HTML output was designed to be as simplistic as possible and to be self-contained in one file. Introducing style-sheets would (possibly) mean several files as well. I'm more curious of different use-cases of the application, for what purpose are the lists made and how to create a nice listing for that purpose. Customization is good but there are no limits on how flexible and extensible the list can be. People have very different taste's as well so it is hard to find something that fit all needs.

A template style listing would be a step forward for customization. Perhaps let users define their own output format. This will however introduce some scripting and make things more complicated. I have it on my to do list and will see what can be done for the future.