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ElianT Suggestions - Zoom Out or Smaller Font 2009-11-23 20:32:57
Hi there. First off, many thanks for creating a very useful little program.

I have a suggestion to make - could you make it so we can see more of the NFO file on the screen? A zoomed out feature, or smaller text font would be excellent. It would mean less scrolling and being able to see more of the NFO on the screen at one time, much much more convenient.

The program already has a font size change feature, however the NFO font, 'ASCII VGA' only supports size 12.

Thanks again.

Anders Nivfors Re: Suggestions - Zoom Out or Smaller Font 2009-11-23 20:56:26
Hi, thanks for your feedback. You have a valid point. What I would need is a better font really...

What you can do is to use the true type font "ASCII" which is included in NFOPad. With that font you can set any size you want. It doesn't look as good as "ASCII VGA" though IMO. Also, you can download and add any font you want to use in NFOPad.

Rabbit Chase Re: Suggestions - Zoom Out or Smaller Font 2009-12-22 03:54:26
Hey Anders,

Sorry for hijacking this topic, I'll be quick!
First of all, thanks for the amazing job you've done with this program. No other program get's to eat my txt files, or feel the wrath (purely love-based) of my ASCII:ness as much as this neat little application does. And it get's to eat [k] alot [/k].

Just wondering if you've thought of implementing transparency? Bipolarity multitasking get's tons more fun (and easier :>) once you can stick five instances of .nfopads on top of your launcher of choice (go launchy!), with a big chunk of seamonkey tabs and windows at the bottom. I can't think of anything that would come close to beat the rush this feature would give me.

How big of a donation do you need mate? :D
(j/k, and thank's again - Filelister is another goldmine of yours which have gotten me to understand what rels. are actually hosted on my servers for the moment ;d)

Anders Nivfors Re: Suggestions - Zoom Out or Smaller Font 2009-12-23 13:35:19
You want a setting for making the entire NFOPad window say 50% transparent? I wouldn't find it that useful but it might just be a one line fix so I'll make a note.