True Human Design

NFOPad 1.75 released [2020-02-09]
Added triple click to select line, tweaks and fixes, read more here.

Diffinity 0.9.1 released [2019-10-26]
Mostly fixes to tabbed diffing and folder diff together with crashfixes and diffing optimizations, read more here.

Diffinity 0.9 released [2019-09-01]
Lot's of new features and fixes, tabbed interface, folder comparison etc, read more here.

Diffinity 0.8.8 released [2019-02-12]
Fixes a bug introduced in last version together with some minor fixes, read more here.

Diffinity 0.8.7 released [2018-12-15]
Thumb view look updated, encoding auto detection improvements and a bunch of other fixes, read more here.

Fixed broken download links [2018-11-28]
Fixed broken download links and forum issues caused by server upgrade to PHP 7.2.